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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Yarn Along: Losing Stash Dash

This is my first week of summer break, so if you are looking for a menu plan, you won't find it. The kids have been handling most meals, so I can take a break from all of the stuff they needed me to do all summer. This week and next week, we have nothing on the schedule, except for rest and fun, so I'm enjoying that break before school starts again. Especially since we decided to host a big teen party just before school starts for everyone again, too.

The Marine Layer scarf is finished now, as is another sample of the mitts in a different colorway. My photographer and model friends and I got together to do it all again this past weekend for the final photography, so I can send the entire set of pictures I want to use to the editor this week.

I lost Stash Dash, but I picked up that top up there again. The one that has been nearly finished for almost ten years. I'm starting to hate it. Rich thinks I'm throwing good yarn after bad, and ought to rip it out to make something I actually like, but I am thinking that if I finish it, I can give it to someone who likes it and never have to see it again. Rich and I have a lot of driving to do next week, so I think I can knock this out then, if I don't finish it this week. Between that, Nejat's blanket, and finishing another mitt, I should be able to add three more finished objects this month, which isn't too bad, even if I didn't meet my goal.

My last Magnolia Society Sweater Club shipment finally arrived:

Madelinetoash DK Twist in Dapper

I know I'm not going to get to it right away, but this yarn is for a vest for Alexander. He probably won't get it until next year, either for his birthday or Christmas.

Rich and I have read a couple more sections of Theology of the Body in Simple Language. He's been reading aloud while I knit. I read a couple fluff books last week. One was a fun, happy, little murder, Wicked Stitch, and the other, Going Vintage, I would not recommend at all. This week, I'm reading a slightly more literary, happy, little murder, The Suspicion at Sanditon.

Also posting to Keep Calm and Craft On.

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I like the blue sweater, especially the crochet edging. I want to knit a rectangle shaped lace shawl and put a crochet border around it.

Hi Deborah,

Actually the edging at the neck is knit, but I do like crocheted borders.

I ended up doing a crab stitch edging around the armholes.
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