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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Yarn Along: Finishing and New Patterns

It is nine days before Christmas, and I am still not doing marathon Christmas knitting. I am only working on one project for Christmas, actually, which I can't share here yet. I have one finished, of which I need to get a better picture to post, and I've given up on getting the Channukah present finished, as it does not have time to get there tonight, or this week. It will have to be a present for another time.

Since we had almost a week away last week, for Rich's work, I was able to do a lot of knitting and finishing. I'm pretty close to finished with Equinox. I did get Sea Smoke finished, revised, and rewritten. The hostess at our bed and breakfast, A Cascade View was a knitter and I was able to tag along with her to her knitting circle and have a morning of knitting. That was a lot of fun.

Rich took this picture of me at one of the evening events for his conference. I'm wearing my ring around the rosy scarf (which two of the commissioners' wives tried to take from me) and the lights made a fun effect.

I did finish the baby sweater, but just in time.

Two patterns have been published this week!

This is Mariam, though when she saw it, she thought it was Nejat.
Hoar Frost (the hat) can be bought on Ravelry and Nimblestix.

I had to take the picture with Lucy, because Nejat would not cooperate.
Sea Smoke can also be purchased on both Ravelry and Nimblestix.

Remember to favorite and queue them, but most of all, please enjoy them!

This week, we are focusing on music, crafts and cooking - art and home economics, with a bit of Latin, math (geometric calculations and conversions), and kitchen chemistry to boot. Three of the kids are knitters, and have projects they are working on, so I'm helping with that, and the rest are painting and building and doing all sorts of other, fun, creative work.

While we were traveling, I finished A Fatal Fleece (Seaside Knitters Mystery, Book 6) and did some more reading in Christ in His Saints. I've so enjoyed this book, but it is taking me a long time to finish it completely. I'm hoping that during our Christmas break I can get all the way through it.

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Lovely projects! I especially love the little baby sweater, so precious!
The pink sweater is really pretty. Congrats on the finishing the patterns.
Thank you Heather!

The baby sweater is in the Luxury One Skein book and my modifications are on my project page.

Funny story, I had part of the last sleeve to finish before the shower and didn't get it complete. So, I wove in all ends, sewed the button on and had done all of the crocheted edging, so all I would have to do was finish the one sleeve and weave in a final end. I did that at the shower and finished it before the gifts were opened, added it to the gift bag I had brought (it was part of a greater present), and sat back down.
Thank you for the compliments, Dahle! I have been so close on that sweater for so long, but it keeps getting pushed aside for other people's gifts and submission deadlines.

The sad news is that three of my submissions were rejected, but it means that I can work the patterns through as I like them and offer them for sale myself. Those should be available in the next few months.

Thank you both for visiting my blog!
The little baby sweater looks lovely, I like the yarn you've used too. Equinox is very pretty!
I love the pattern work in the pink sweater! So lovely!
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