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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Yarn Along: FO, Almost FO, and One to Make by Saturday

So, I have Nejat's shrug finished, Mariam's almost finished (and I hate this pattern - it is adorable, but it is fraught with errors, has more errata than pattern, and this is for a fairly straight forward, simple pattern - I pity a beginner who tries this). I only have the cuffs and edging to do on it. I haven't started Yasmina's yet. Though, I'm hoping to get to that tonight. And have it finished by Saturday, Friday ideally. Amira's was made in exchange for my making a knit jacket for a friend's son, so two out of four jackets are complete, one is almost complete, and another still needs to be started.

We always take Holy Week and Bright Week off from school, so this week the kids are doing a ton of cleaning. I am doing a ton of organizing, cooking, running of errands, and knitting, plus all the extra church services, and next week will be our real rest.

Still on the look out for more of this yarn which is discontinued. I only need between an eighth and a quarter of a skein to finish my project. If anyone has a skein, even a partial skein, of Classic Elite's Posh in hydrangea, color #93051, any dye lot, please leave a comment or e-mail me, and we can work out a way for me to buy it from you. I only have about one eighth of this project to finish.

There isn't much reading going on right now. I have too much on my plate.

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