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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Using Up Angora

I have another FO to announce, and it used up leftovers from a project finished about six years ago as well as the last bits of the angora left from the booties I made a little while back.

The knitting has actually been finished for some time, but I was so busy working on projects for submission, and writing patterns, that I never got around to sewing ribbon ties on and taking a photo. I finally did that two days ago, and here is the result. Since no child of ours is this small (both the booties and the bonnet are newborn sized), and even if we were to have another baby, it doesn't get cold enough to need them here, I need to find someone expecting in December or January to give them to or someone with a newborn baby in Antarctica. I'll keep you posted.

Look how excited Jerome is to see me finish something!

The excitement didn't last long, though, he had other things to occupy him soon enough.

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