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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Yarn Along: Whatever I Knit This Week is a Bonus

Amira is still almost there, but with Holy Week, I'm not sure I'll get her finished. I made a mistake that requires me to go back two and a half rows to fix, which I am not looking forward to, either. However, I have a picture of my Sunday knitting up there. I don't work on my designs on Sundays, and I pull out other designers' work or personal designs that aren't for sale. Nejat's birthday is the next in line in the birthday season, so I'm making her these hunicorn slippers as her birthday gift. The plan is to use gold, sparkly, puffy paint to write Hunicorn on the soles of them. I had forgotten how quickly slippers for a four year old in worsted weight yarn knit up - I made the first one in a day, and if our big van wasn't at the shop, I would have had the second one finished in a day, too. Instead, I had to drive to church and back, because we had to take two vehicles, and it turns out that you are not supposed to knit and drive.

The Baby Shower Knit-a-Long for both the Shower's This Weekend baby sweater and the Shower's in an Hour baby hat begins next week! It runs from April 19 - May 3, and if you haven't joined up yet, there is plenty of time to do it. I won't close up sign ups until the last day. Please consider joining, as these are both quick, cute knits, and you could win some awesome prizes.

I do want to give you notice that during Holy Week, I will only be doing minimal business work, so please have patience with me if it takes a little while for me to reply.

My reading this week has been minimal. I have read story books from our Lenten book bin to our children, and I may have read a paragraph or two in Messenger of Truth.

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