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Thursday, April 06, 2017

Yarn Along: So Close I Can Taste It

Amira is so close to finished. I'm really hoping it will be completed by next weekend. As it will also be Holy Week, I am not sure how reasonable that hope is, but I'll keep working at it.

This past week has been rather rough at our house. Aside from getting over strep, my allergies kicked in, and we've just been busy with work and other things in our life, like end of term exams and doing some scholarship applications with Alexander. I kind of went on strike with the kids, so I didn't plan a menu this week and made them figure it out themselves. The meals have been interesting.

I did get my first issue of 1,001 Knits out last week. If you subscribed, I hope you enjoyed my short missive. The next issue is due out in June, though I'm aiming for the first or second week of June this time.

My Baby Shower Knit-a-Long for both the Shower's This Weekend baby sweater and the Shower's in an Hour baby hat begins in the middle of Bright Week. It runs from April 19 - May 3, and if you haven't joined up yet, there is plenty of time to do it. I won't close up sign ups until the last day. There are some really lovely prizes, too. Just yesterday, Lydia from Oh Loops! offered a skein of their beautiful yarn and a pattern as prizes. I really love their literary themed colorways, especially.

Speaking of literature, the only real reading I've done this week has been pretty light, I picked up another Maisie Dobbs book, Messenger of Truth, and I'm enjoying it so far.

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