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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Yarn Along: Baby Steps

This week most of my knitting, what little there has been, has been making progress on Eve's Leaves. I even worked on it at the parent meeting for driver's ed. It needs blocking, and I'm starting on the leaf border. Starry, Starry Night just needs the cloud borders sewn down, I've gotten all the ends woven. That's all I've touched all week, though.

There are five days left on the designer challenge for the end of 2016. Please take a look at the great examples and vote for your favorite. Of course, I would appreciate the vote, but see which one you like best.

In other design news, Amira is at the tech editor's, and I may actually be able to get it released this spring! Ziyad (the design challenge entry) should be with the TE next week, and I'm hoping it will be ready to publish either right before or right after Amira. There are two other designs I have in process, too. One of them probably won't be released until next winter, but the other one is going out as soon as I have it ready.

The weather has been miserably cold and windy and icy and snowy (mostly blowing what was already here into impassable drifts), but that means I've been doing more reading and I'm almost finished with Birds of a Feather. I like these mysteries. They are more thoughtful than the average happy, little murder. Also, though the sleuth has supernatural senses, it is framed more as truly more than natural powers of observation.

Also posting to Keep Calm and Craft On.

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That looks terribly uncomfortable! ~ Lisa P.

I was going for the smallest garment in the GAL. ;-)
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