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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Menu Along: Knitting and Designing

No photos, but I'm about double the length on the waistband of Yasmina's skirt than I was last week. The picture up there is of the yarn that I'm using for the alternate/variation on my design. I had the darker green in my stash already and picked up the lighter green from Mr. Yarn's going out of business sale. Since I need the pattern edited and the variation knit, plus an extra set of mitts made, I think that's all I'll be working on for the next month, unless I finish them up, and can get back to the other projects I have going or wanted to finish.

I have exactly one more sweater club shipment coming, but it hasn't been sent yet. There has been a delay. I'm hoping to see it next week, now.

We read a little more in Life, the Universe, and Everything, but didn't finish it yet. I have read absolutely nothing else except the Bible and Prayer Book since last week.

Also posting to Keep Calm and Craft On.

This weekend was a whirwind tour for our family. Saturday, we had a family reunion of sorts, which was a lot of fun. We had initially planned on leaving Friday and spending the night with friends, then going to the party. However, one of Amira's best friends was having a sleepover birthday party, and was only inviting three girls, so they asked if we could find a day that weekend that would work. We decided to stay home Friday, then pick up Amira at around 6:30 in the morning, and head off of a five hour drive. We only ran 20 minutes late. From the party, we went to one of our priests' homes and had dinner with him and his wife, went to church in the morning and had lunch with the parish. It was so good to receive the Eucharist, in the liturgy, with our church members. Since it was my birthday, I picked the activities, so we went blackberry picking, back in our old stomping grounds. We had dinner on the harbor, and met up with friends, then went back for ice cream. At first, we had planned to pick berries, grab ice cream from one of our favorite places, then head back and eat a dinner that was already prepared and in our fridge, but a funny thing happened on the way to the blackberries. We ran into an old friend and spent an hour or so talking to him, so we were later getting started on the berries, and that was after taking our time after church, anyway. So, we decided to head into town for burgers at the best place to get them. So, all in all, my fortieth birthday was pretty nice. I was in my happy place, eating delicious things, with wonderful people, after having had the opportunity both to receive absolution for my sins and advice in confession and the Eucharist with our church body.

We were going to be late coming home, but we ran into a delay in the pass that was pretty bad. It took us almost two and a half hours to go four miles. Aside from one fellow in a truck with an exceptionally good attitude who was rocking out to _Knocking on Heaven's Door_ as he drove, it was pretty miserable. But not as bad as it was for the people who were the reason for the slow down. There was a fatal accident that closed two out of three lanes. And that open lane had only been opened an hour before we got there. Please remember to pray for the soul of the departed and for the other critically injured person. In any case, we left the site of the accident forty minutes after we thought we'd be home. Rich was already exhausted, and had only enough energy to get us home at our first time. So, he pushed until we got to a rest stop about 70 miles from our house, then pulled over and took a nap. Even after he was back on the road, though, he was still pretty tired, so I had him exit at the next rest stop, and I took over driving, because I was slightly less tired than he was, having been able to nap a little while he drove. We got home at around 3:20. Rich was supposed to go to work and Amira had ballet, that was why we were coming back that night, anyway, but Rich sent e-mails to his boss and other folks in the office while I drove saying that he wouldn't make it in. I thought I'd wake up with the light coming in the window, and get Amira up to take her to ballet, but I woke up one minute before her class started. So, we spent Monday sleeping and resting. Which we desperately needed. Because that wasn't our first lack of sleep night, I had only slept two and a half hours the night before we left on the trip in the first place, and Rich had only a couple hours more than I did. Not to mention the 18 years of lack of sleep we're already sporting.

Needless to say, we spent yesterday resting, and everything is a little late this week. Thus the menu along again. We have a few repeats, and a lot of simpler meals or meals that can be prepped either by other people or in advance.

What is on your menu this week? If you want a recipe, ask and I will provide it as soon as I can. If there are any starred recipes, I will follow up separately with a weekly recipe round up.

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