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Thursday, December 03, 2015

Yarn Along: NaKniSweMo No

It comes as no big surprise after last week that I did not finish Driftwood. I actually had a chance, but the Thanksgiving cooking did me in, and my skin erupted so I couldn't use my hand and ended up resting most of the weekend after Thanksgiving. That's where I am today. Since I knew by Sunday that there was no chance I would finish by Monday midnight, I decided to undo a couple rows and change where the odd number of sts would be. The sweater was increased by double on one front and the back, then all across the second front, except the last st. So, that meant that I had 102 sts for one front, 164 sts across the back, and 101 sts for the other front. That made my little CDO heart a bit crazed. If I'd had even the slightest chance of finishing by the 30th, I'd have pressed on and either tried not to let it bother me or gone back to fix it later, but since I knew there was no chance, I thought I'd fix it while it was still recent, since it wouldn't make me any happier to have one side a st short of the other when I was further from it. So, the two fronts are equal and the odd number of sts is now placed in the center of the back. As it should be.

There are still the other four projects I need to finish or photograph, but I really want to start the socks for Rich. Since all my projects on needles/hooks right now are either large or complicated, I think I will cast on this weekend so I can bring knitting to the chi-chi party we're attending. It wouldn't do to have a whole sweater to seam or a nearly completed sweater that is knit in one piece or lace with a chart that makes it so I can't keep up conversation or a large baby/toddler blanket or a design I'm writing. Anyway, I realized the other knit object I can make for Rich: Vests. He doesn't wear sweaters, but he wears vests all the time. In fact I have an idea for a 20th anniversary, special vest to make him for next year. So, socks, vests, and a hat every few years.

Swatch for Amira, which needs knitters in about a month.

I only have a couple knitters for this design, and I know that Christmas knitting might be getting in the way of this. I'm still looking for knitters so I can get the Preview KAL/Test started in December. This is a woman's, sleeveless shell that requires seaming, but only two seams, one on each side. As you can see from the swatch, it involves texture and simple lace. The pattern requires standard chart reading skills, ability to increase and decrease, make yos, knit in the round, and pick up stitches. Right now, I'm working on my own top in a deep red. There are no specific brand requirements for the yarn, simply a DK weight yarn that knits up at 5.5 stitches per in in stockinette (the gauge for the top will be about 5.25 spi, but I want a yarn that will drape well at that gauge). I'd like to have at least two knitters per size: 29", 34", 39", 44", 49" finished bust. Yardage requirements are calculated for each size, respectively, as: 790, 900, 1000, 1100, 1225 yds. This is still an estimate, however, so I recommend getting an extra skein of whatever you buy, or if you are using stash, making sure that you have an extra ball's worth of the yarn. I'll want you to join a Facebook or Ravelry group for preview knitters, if you are able, but will strongly request a Ravelry entry, tagging me in it, and a link up when the pattern is released. The specific details will be given if you take this on for me. I will give the finished copy of the pattern to knitters when the pattern is released, a percentage/amount off coupon to my Ravelry Store for those who complete the item, and a coupon for a free pattern for those who provide photos and link up to the pattern page. If you are able to do this, please contact me. Here's the weekly reminder to like Arabian Knits Designs on Facebook, if you haven't already. That's where I put updates and preview knitting opportunities and other design news. Thank you!

The only reading we're really racing through is the Mama and me thing that Amira and I have been doing. We finished A Mustard Seed of Magic and started Nice Girl Like You. It has been a really sweet time together, as this is just reading that she and I do together, without everyone else. I am thrilled to pieces that she loves these books and the people in them as I do. I did feel bad, because this new book is the one that breaks her heart, because she finds out how certain relationships and people end up in the future, and it's not what you think it will be.

Also posting to Keep Calm and Craft On.

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