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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Yarn Along: Saint George! (Plus Some Things I Can't Mention)

It's been rainy and grey, which is very unlike this area, for the past few days, so I have an in house photo of my project this week. I am finished with the knitting on Saint George. I really like the way it has corners and changes shape geometrically, but Alexander wants it square, so I still need to block it flat.

I'm finishing up editing the pattern notes and should have the pattern available for sale in a week or so. I'm also hoping to have another, free, pattern available by Thanksgiving. That one will be for a baby bonnet, so could be used for Christmas knitting or for a baby shower or for charity.

In other work, I have several unbirthday and holiday presents that are either recently finished or in progress. But the people who receive them might see it on the blog, so I can't really say much about those yet. I also have quite a few designs in the works, many of the simple and quick, but a couple that will be more complicated, that I hope to have ready over the next several months. Most of those are designs for my own stores, so I can discuss them here, but a few are not, so those will be surprises. I had another design idea that I was trying to finesse to meet the themes and requirements of a magazine's holiday issue for next year, but I just couldn't get it to fit both my ideal and theirs. So, I will be working on it for my own publication, or saving it for a time that it will work for them.

This weekend, I received another yarn club package from Paradise Fibers and my shipment for the Magnolia Society should arrive in the next week or so (registration is open now for the next one, too). When it does, I'll post pictures of both.

Now that I've had a little respite, and kind of read brain candy for a while there, I'm back to reading Christ in His Saints. I would really like to finish it before tackling another theological or spiritual book, though I have many I'm itching to read. It is so good, and it is something I can pick up and set down at will, since each character sketch is fairly brief. In my brain candy books, I also finished The Long Stitch Good Night: An Embroidery Mystery. This author's books are a little too predictable, but they are fun, easy reading for me when I can't quite handle other, more demanding writing.

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