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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Yarn Along: New Nimblestix Store and A Little Progress

I meant to take a photograph during the day, outdoors, for a better shot, but I forgot, so you are getting an indoor picture with bizarre lighting instead.

Our most recent trip was another one in which it was hard for me to make much progress in either knitting or crocheting. It was so emotional and I had to help a lot with navigation, so I didn't do as much work as I thought I would with 45 plus hours in the car. I did get a little more done on my friend's long distance hug, though not enough to even be close to giving it to her when we saw her. Although I brought along Jerome's birthday present, I only finished up the i-cord ties and still haven't sewn up the bag. I have made some progress on Equinox, but I'm not sure I'll be finished before the end of the month.

I have set up my Nimblestix Store! I really encourage people to join up with Nimblestix as an alternative to Ravelry. It is a great site for knitters, crocheters, spinners, weavers, and tatters, without ideologically driven limits. I am not quitting Ravelry, but I am hoping to shift my presence more to Nimblestix for my new project pages and groups and so on. 9/5/15 Edited to add: Sadly, Nimblestix is going out of business. I am sorry to see them go, and hope that other and more knitting, crocheting, spinning and needlework communities sprout up in its place.

I picked up Mormon Christianity: What Other Christians Can Learn From the Latter-day Saints some time ago on the recommendation of a friend. A lot of what the author says is good, but I think could have been said with many fewer words. Also, I get the feeling that if he read more N.T. Wright, or Orthodox theology, or Apostolic Fathers, or even more deeply into the Catholic Magisterium that he claims, he would find that it isn't necessary to look to Mormonism to see the kinds of things he is recommending other Christians consider. Many Christians already not only consider, but believe and claim the things he wants to encourage them to return to in his book. I'm trying to finish it, but he keeps restating so many things, and I'm getting to the point of skimming.

While we were doing Morning Prayer in the hotel one morning, our reading perfectly coincided with one of the saints I had read about in Christ in His Saints. So, we read that aloud when we were finished with Morning Prayer. I'm going to keep posting about this until I am finished with it, because I think it is so good and worthwhile for any Christian (or non-Christian, for that matter) to read. Each person is written in a short sketch of an essay, which is just about my speed at the moment.

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I love "Christ in His Saints"!

And congrats on the new shop! :)

My pic this week was late in the day and indoors to boot...not the best to be sure. :( Sometimes we just have to go with what we have, right? :) Looks like you are busy with projects and have lots of interesting reading going on... I commend you for sticking to a book even when you're just skimming to finish.
Thank you to both of you for your comments!

I have to say that the book just got a little better. It's almost as though he felt like he had to keep reiterating some of his points in the first couple chapters.

I do like how he engages Mormonism's teachings on a serious basis. He doesn't make up lies, or treat them as though they are stupid, or make specious claims. He also calls people on unfair judgments or claims that could just as easily be leveled against their practices or beliefs. It is possible to disagree with someone without lying about his beliefs, or treating them as though no reasonable person could come to that conclusion. I appreciate that he is willing to treat Mormonism with respect and seriousness, even as he disagrees.
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