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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Yarn Along: Birthday and Belated Bereavement

I'm trying to get Jerome's birthday present finished in time for his party. Sadly, I won't have my friend's long distance hug finished in time to get to her by her wedding anniversary. Her husband contracted the flesh eating bacteria at their anniversary dinner, and entered the hospital shortly after that, and I knew that even without that fact, she would be missing him even more this year, on her first anniversary without him, and wanted to have it ready to mail in time for that. So, I am pretty sad that I couldn't do that. I never made a promise about it, but I am disappointed anyway. These two projects, Equinox and three other birthday presents are my priorities this month. The other three birthdays are in October, so I'm hoping that I can get those finished in time to give.

Since I was asked if I'd be interested in doing some designs for one of the yarn companies I contacted, I am also busy sketching and writing a little about those, and plan on having some ideas sent to them by the end of this week or beginning of next. That's pretty exciting for me, too. I don't know how it will work out, or if they will even like my ideas, but it's nice to have people asking me to submit designs to them.

I am still loving and slowly working my way through Christ in His Saints, one taste at a time. I'm also reading some more fluff, though I'm kind of disappointed in it. I wanted to read something of more substance, but couldn't really handle it with all my pressing schedules and deadlines, so I picked up Yarn Over Murder (Knitting Mystery). Her first book was full of "sensing," everyone sensed this or that, and she used that word a billion times. However, her characters were good, so I stuck with it and read the next book. However, now, the juvenile sexual references are grating and more frequent, and this book's phrase is "Oh, yeah!" Out of nearly every character, and often on the same page. I think I'll probably finish with this book and not pick up one of these mysteries again.

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