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Friday, July 07, 2017

Blog Update

I had a whole Independence Day yarn along to post, as well as other things, but the whole photobucket extortion and spam business has put the kibbosh on that. Until I can migrate all of my photos elsewhere, and then go through and change all the links on the blog, I'm just not going to have the time to blog much.

They want $400 a year to be able to post a link to my photos here. There is no tiered pricing option to permit smaller blogs/websites like mine to continue. They announced the change to the terms of service just before the holiday weekend, and then enacted it almost immediately, holding all bloggers', Amazon or e-Bay sellers', or help forum posters' pictures hostage, essentially. The only way we have access to publishing our photos is to cough up the $400. Per year. When they already have a website that was getting harder and harder to use and tons of advertising all over it. I'm not willing to pay that much, though I would be willing to pay a smaller amount. However, since I didn't even have time to absorb the information before they started spamming my own blog (rather than simply putting up something that said photo unavailable, or better, to permit the photos that had been loaded when the policy was to allow linking to stay and simply not permit new photos to be linked), I'm not in a place to think about that a lot right now. I have used .6 GB of my 2 GB allotment on their site. I am a fairly small time, low traffic blogger, so I don't think I'm using enough bandwidth to justify $400 a year, and they are neither budging on their change or answering anyone's concerns or questions. In fact, on their website, the contact us link is broken. Oh, and I checked through my e-mail and spam files, I received no notice of the change except for what I read online and seeing my photos changed to spam.

Please accept my apologies for how the blog looks and the upcoming silence. You can follow me on Instagram or on my (also low traffic) Arabian Knits Facebook Page, join the conversations on my Ravelry Group, or subscribe to 1,001 Knits, my monthly newsletter. Thank you for your understanding and support.


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