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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Yarn Along: Deja Vu

Can you even see any progress on Nejat's blanket? I promise that there is some, but it may be hard to tell. There are only five more rounds (stars?) to go before I am finished with the crocheting. Then it will have to be finished, ends woven in and cloud border sewn down and so on, before I can give it to Nejat. Basically, though, I'm only a little past where I was last week.

Oh! I forgot to mention something again this week. I finally joined the rest of the interwebs on Instagram. You can find me there @arabianknits, if you want to follow me.

Likewise, I am still reading An Everlasting Meal. This is a book I would like to own. It will go on my wishlist. It reads like Laurie Colwin's Home Cooking and More Home Cooking, which I love, without the same level of political narcissism, which I hate. At least so far. I haven't finished it yet, of course. This is a cookbook, a memoir, and a novel, all in one.

Also posting to Keep Calm and Craft On and Yarn Fanatic.

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