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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Imaginary Yarn Company

I have been thinking about some ideal yarns. Which led to me thinking about an ideal yarn company. This would not mean, of course, that there was no other yarn I'd ever buy or like, but I thought of a line of yarns that would cover just about all of my general yarn needs. So, now I need to come up with a company name, and name the yarns themselves. Actually, part of this came from Dominic and me talking about how it was kind of neat that Quince and Co. name their yarns after birds, but then wondering why their company name wasn't a bird related name.

Now, we just need a backer. I love the idea of owning a company like this, with all these amazing yarns at my disposal, but I really don't actually want to do the work of that. So, does anyone else want to do all the hard work and just give me yarn when I need it? Also, let me decide all the colors. Or most of them? Does this sound great for anyone at all?

This yarn company would have two lace weight yarns, one light fingering, five fingering/sock weight, five sport, four dk, three worsted, three aran, and one chunky. The fibers used would be all natural, and the wools would be specialty fibers other than merino (though I love merino): Polwarth and Blue Faced Leicester wools, camel down, angora, silk, cashmere, cotton, and linen. The sock yarns would be superwash and have silk in the blend for strength, rather than nylon. In fact, the first yarn I was talking about with Rich that was my ideal sock yarn was a 3-ply fingering weight yarn composed 80/20 or 85/15 of Blue Faced Leicester to silk. The plies would each be blends of both the fibers, not a strand of silk plied with two wools or something like that. The fiber would be blended first, then spun, and then plied. Both are lustrous and take color beautifully, both wear like iron, and both shine and are soft. The other yarn I thought up was a similar yarn for socks with angora added for coziness and fuzziness - in a 75/15/10 or 80/15/5 ratio of BFL to silk to angora.

Am I the only person who does this? I came up with 22 other yarns. This is what I did instead of finishing up my outline and preparing for the next Shakespeare class I'm teaching. If I don't knuckle down, I'll come up with all the names and colors.

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I think designing yarn would be a wonderful job! I've done some research into how Noro - a japanese yarn company - comes up with their colorways and designs and I find it absolutely fascinating. It would be wonderful to be surrounded by color and wool all day long. (I love Shakespeare too!)
Honestly, the amount of work that it would take is a bit daunting, but if I didn't have other work to do, it would be such a dream job.
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