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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

For My Stitch Fix Stylist

It turns out that I own 22 skirts and eight pairs of pants. I didn't count my dresses and shorts, but I'm fairly sure the ratio is similar. I think this says something about me, but it's not something I want to change. I've decided that if I had to pick a phrase to describe my style, it would be: Retro Feminine Casual Chic. But casual the way they thought of it in those retro years. Not a suit, not a formal gown. Casual skirts and dresses, and pants. Jeans and shorts set aside for hard work and play, rather than every day wear. Dresses and skirts really are more comfortable to me, and I think they are more flattering to my figure. I'm not a no pants or shorts kind of person, and I wear jeans often enough, though usually with a nice sweater or top with some accessories. I don't iron my jeans, though. So, in my next and future fixes, I'm probably going to be looking for more casual dresses and pants other than jeans (because my four pair of blue, cream, black, and flannel lined are really enough for me - though a silver pair that is really silver, but not lamé, would be pretty cool). These boxes coming have really been my motivation to lose weight, too. My husband laughed and said that it wasn't going to be my health or energy level that got me to lose weight, but the thought of wearing pretty clothes, and I think he's right. Thank you, Liz, for your work picking out things I would love. I can't imagine how difficult it must be to try to match the selections with my preferences and Pinterest board and measurements and weight, all without never really seeing me or meeting me. So, here I am in my natural habitat:

If you sign up using this link, I get another credit to use toward a new box!

P.S. I counted. I have 26 dresses (including my wedding gown, some I am keeping for sentimental reasons or in case I get pregnant again, and one I plan to give to Amira when she can fit in it), and 11 pairs of shorts (including some cut offs made from old jeans). I am considering giving away about three or four of the skirts, about the same of the dresses, and I'd like not to fit into some of the shorts ever again, as I keep losing weight, so I can give those away, too.

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