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Saturday, February 07, 2015

Stitch Fix #2

I wrote about my first experience with Stitch Fix here. Since I received enough credits from people signing up and price matching, I felt like I could try again to get something special for Valentine's Day. Thank you!

I had the same stylist, and she did a great job again. One thing I didn't mention this time is that I wasn't looking for black, as I have so much of it in my wardrobe. I may adjust my style profile so that black only shows up if I specifically request it. Again, there were two items that I loved, one that Rich loved and two that I didn't love so much. Nothing that I hated this time, though, which I see as a success. Liz did a better job of keeping the prices closer to my range of comfort and found more that was natural fiber or at most man made like rayon (from wood pulp) or in a blend.

Rich took all my pictures again, and let me tell you how wonderful it is to have a photographer who thinks you are beautiful. I am no model, but he was able to get some great pictures, even on a windy day. Four of the items I doubled up on, so I have some cheater pictures with two items in them.

Item #1 Mystree Janine Colorblock Ruffled Open Cardigan - $64

This is kind of my own fault. I really like these ruffled cardigans on other women, and I specifically asked if one could be included. The color is great, but I just feel like it is a touch too long, as it cuts me off at my widest point, and adds bulk to my figure. I really want to like this, but I don't think I do.

Keep or return?

Items #2 Sanctuary Vino Lace Detail Tee - $48
& #3 41Hawthorn Dianne A-Line Skirt - $78

The black top is something that is quite like a blouse I pinned on Pinterest. I am tempted to send it back just because it is black and I own SO MUCH black clothing. But. Rich really likes it, and it does go well with that skirt. Though, I have a cream colored blouse with some sheer panels near my collar bone that also looks quite lovely with the skirt.

The skirt. Oh! I love this skirt! It is in between the lengths I normally wear. I usually either wear a skirt that is above my knee or at my ankles. The color, though, and the twirl, and it has pockets! I knew when I saw it in the box that I was keeping it.

So, what is your vote on the top and on the skirt?

Items #4 Pixley Kathy Striped Fit and Flare Dress - $68
& #5 Pixley Lucille Cascading Pearl Collar Necklace - $38

Honestly, when I saw these stripes, I was sure this dress would make me look gargantuan. And when I put it on, I felt like an optical illusion. Dominic said he had a hard time focusing his eyes when he looked at me in it. But Rich loved it on me, and when I saw my picture, I liked it a lot more, too. So, I think this is in the keep category.

The necklace delighted me when I saw it in the box, but I wasn't sure I should go for it. When I put it on, though, I really thought it was a keeper. I have a few pairs of earrings that coordinate with it already, so it makes it more wearable for me.

Here is the necklace up close.

Rich took a ton of pictures of me, trying to get the right shot, and make me look good, and show the clothes, and not be blurry and all that. So, much of the time, he was just keeping his finger on the trigger and taking lots of photos when there was something he thought was good. This was the second or third picture of me getting my hair out of my face, and as soon as I scrolled through the pictures, I knew this next one was Rich's favorite. Which it was.

Again, I'm kind of wishing for more color, though I suppose my stylist may be a little gun shy after the whole mustard affair. I am trying to get out of my color rut, though, so I should ask for some adventure the next time I do this. Which may be a while, unless I get a lot more credits from referrals. I'm in that weird position of trying to figure out which items I should keep and what would be least expensive for me. If I get only the skirt, dress, and necklace, then it would be more economical to simply pay for those and return the rest (especially because of the amount I have in credit). However, if I keep the black top, the price is actually higher than the price for the whole box with the 25% discount. I like the black top, I just don't know if I like it enough to keep and pay for, and I'm still not sold on the cardigan. However, if I decide for the top, I have a friend who loves the cardigan, so I could just give it to her. Rich is of the opinion that I should let the stylist push me outside of my boundaries a little and try some things I may not be completely comfortable with yet on for size. I have until Friday to decide.

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I love the skirt and the dress is really cute on you. If it were me, I'd not take the black shirt or the cardigan.

It's really fun seeing what you got! :)
Thank you for your comment! I am leaning that way, too. Also, because of my credits, it would only cost me about $5 out of pocket to get those three items. Maybe less if I can price match again.
And it has been loads of fun having someone pick clothes for me and trying them on, I have to say. Rich has been a great sport about being my photographer, too.
I love the Kathy on you!
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