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Monday, January 05, 2015

December Yarn Club Packages

This is the first month since I started getting these yarn club shipments that I was not that thrilled with either selection. I'm keeping the Great Blue Heron Ancient Arts yarn, but I traded my Minnow Tosh yarn (which was the naturals selection) for Dustweaver (which was the neutrals selection), as I really liked it better. I'll post photos of that when it arrives. The postal service sent it to PA first, and still somehow thought that leaving PA on Saturday it would still arrive here the same day. Surprise, surprise, it didn't come today, either!

Much as I hate the declarations of not buying new stash, I think except for my yarn clubs (one of which will end this month) and souvenir purchases, I'm going to try to shop my own stash more this year. We're saving for a sock knitting machine, and we have appliances that keep trying to die. God willing, we'll have Nejat paid off by March, and our washer and dryer as well, and then we can put more money aside to repair Rich's truck and do some more work on our house, and repair/replace some more appliances.

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