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Monday, October 06, 2014

Yarn Clubs and Yarn Tasting Goodies

I joined two yarn clubs this fall, one semi-local, and one that is more well known.

The first is one through Paradise Fibers, which offers yarns dyed by American companies in colorways that have to do with the Pacific Northwest. You get a skein or two of yarn, a pattern to go with it, and it's a nice surprise each month. My first package came almost two weeks ago and had a skein of Three Irish Girls Adorn sock yarn in Spokane Riverwalk, along with a sock pattern to use with it (or not).

Paradise Fibers also had a Rowan yarn "tasting" a couple Saturdays ago, which I was able to attend with a friend. We didn't win anything, but the goody bag for signing up had a skein of Rowan Fine Art Aran, a skein of Regia Viva Color, and two skeins of Schachenmayr Boston, along with three patterns that could be used with them. My friend who came with me didn't want her fluorescent yarn and gave it to me, so I ended up with three of the Boston, instead of two.

Here is my Magnolia Society yarn club package for this month, two skeins of Twist Light in Caterpillar. I really wish I could have joined for all the different color possibilities, but I chose Naturals this round, and Jewels for the final month. I'll get a lot of Unicorn Tails in between. This is stretching me, because I don't get to quite choose the colors I get, but I like the surprise and the challenge of seeing a color with different eyes.

I tried to capture the color, and had a hard time with that. The first picture is too washed out and bright, but the second one is too dark and olive. But while the second is a little closer to the actual color, it isn't really right, either.

I would have gotten a goody bag from my knitting retreat this past month, but we cancelled so we could go visit Kim. However, they said they'd keep my bag behind the counter and when I could go pick it up, I could still have that. I was really sorry to miss my class, but think we made the better choice.


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