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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Short Hair

So, I showed the picture with how long my hair had gotten. The last hair cut I'd had, except for a tiny trim in December, was in October. Of 2010.

I steeled myself, and found someone who could cut my hair locally, and I'm happy with it. Sorry for the picture of me in my pjs in our messy living room.

Rich was surprised it wasn't shorter, as he was preparing himself for it to be about four inches shorter than I had it cut. Since my hair was longer than it had been since we'd known each other, and he had been enjoying that quite a bit, I think it was a pleasant surprise that it wasn't shorter.


Such lovely hair! I tried to grow my hair long, and it got about as long as your "short" hair, but it got so thing at the ends that I decided long hair wasn't something I could pull off and got it cut.
Thank you! I have almost always had long hair, which is good, because I can't pull off short hair!
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