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Monday, May 12, 2014


1. Jerome has inherited my CDO. I'm so proud. Even my Mother's Day gift he laid out at my place at the table in order of size and color. He made a point of letting me know that.

2. Rich and I have been sleeping mostly on the couches in the living room since Nejat started being able to sleep through the night. She isn't quite ready to be in the room with her sisters, and she still sleeps more soundly when we are (I am) not in the room. We started with using the hide-a-bed, but honestly, the couches are more comfortable, so we just do that now. If we time it right, though, we can get her to sleep and go to bed in our own bed and be comfortable. This doesn't happen most of the time. The other night, we were talking about how Nejat probably needed one more feeding, so we might be able to sleep in our own bed. Rich said "If we can get in our own bed by 11:00, and sleep all night, that has to be worth 12 couch hours!"

3. We live in a small town. In the middle of nowhere. Really.

In case you haven't seen this.

There are many wonderful things about where we live, not least being the people here. However, it is the middle of nowhere, and it is populated mostly by white people and Mexicans. So, when people find out that my origins are in the Middle East, they tell me about one of the few people in town who also come from that area. When they find out that I am a Christian with an Eastern bent, they tell me about John and Sarah.

John and Sarah own a gas station in town, are from Egypt originally, and are either Orthodox or Coptic. They go to church in Seattle, or something like that. Every. Single. Time.

So, when Rich went to that part of town, near that gas station, I asked him if he saw John and Sarah (even though we live in this tiny town, I am not positive that we have met, though it is possible that they are the couple I have stalked and talked to in the Grocery Outlet a couple times). Then I asked something about what their experience in this town must be like, and he answered that people probably tell them about Ranée with all those kids every time they see them.

4. I keep seeing cars in town with the word Zabala/Zabbala on the rear window. What does this mean in Spanish? Because in Arabic it means garbage.

5. We went on a field trip to hike in some caves recently. Another thing about living in a small town is that a homeschool field trip makes the local paper. Twice. This time, our kids were mentioned by reference, not name, and they were in the picture.

This is not the photo from the paper, but a different one.

Here they are before we started our hike. They are facing the sun, which is why they are squinting.

6. On this field trip, as we were heading back down toward the cars, Dominic looked at me and said he was glad for his Arab side, because it meant that he didn't get sunburned. He is our fairest child. And burns more than any of them. Even when we lived on the west side, rather than the desert. To be fair, he usually just burns once and then tans.

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