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Sunday, August 05, 2012

Menu Plan: August 4 - August 11

This week is a big week of entertaining. Some friends of ours from the other side of the mountains will be here tomorrow and we get to spend this weekend with some of Rich's cousins and their children, so I'm not sure what our meals will be then, as some of it depends on their preferences.

We didn't do anything to mark the old date for the Feast of St. Dominic, so we'll be eating orange with our breakfast and a Spanish dish for dinner in his honor on the new date. We prefer to celebrate the older dates on the liturgical calendar, but this year Dominic's name day will be marked on the new.What is on your menu this week? If you want a recipe, ask and I will provide it as soon as I can. If there are any starred recipes, I will follow up separately with a weekly recipe round up on Saturday.

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