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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Eight Years of Elijah

Eight years ago, I was just getting wheeled into post-op to recover from my first ever surgery to wait until the spinal block and anesthesia wore off so I could go visit my newborn son in the NICU. He was a fighter and was stronger than any of our other children have been. A cradle gift from God to a child who would need it more than his siblings.

He was born on the feast of the Annunciation - the day when the angel Gabriel announced to the Blessed Virgin Mary that she would give birth to Jesus, the Lord. We almost always get to all break the Lenten fast on his birthday and he, at least, has a chance of having it fall after Pascha. It is a fitting birthday for him; we named him for Elijah, who would never die and who announces the coming of the Messiah, and for Joseph (Yusef), who was the foster father of Jesus and the patron saint of all children, born and unborn.

Eight Exquisite Attributes of Elijah

1. He is always delighted at new experiences.

2. He is a gentle older brother.

3. He is kind to everyone.

4. He is the most affectionate child we have ever met.

5. He is a friend to each person he meets.

6. He loves helping where he can.

7. He wants to help others his entire life.

8. He loves God with all his heart.

Happy birthday Elijah!

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Happy Birthday young man! I wish for you a wonderful day!
What, no picture? How am I supposed to remember what my 2nd cousins look like when you live so far away?

- Big Daddy Andy
I still haven't uncovered my camera cord. :-( I can post a baby picture of him, though.
Ah, the joys of unpacking.

- Big Daddy Andy
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