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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday: Keeping Hydrated

We all know how we're supposed to drink enough water, and more when it's hot. It's good for your body, it's good for your skin, and it helps you lose weight. The only way I like to drink water is arctic cold.

The way I make sure I get enough water to drink is to take old individual juice bottles, wash them in the dishwasher and fill them about a quarter to a third of the way with water, seal them and freeze them. I just grab a bottle, fill it with water, and I have nice cold water. I refill it until the ice completely melts. Then, I grab another one.

If you want to avoid the poisonous Chinese plastic, you can use glass bottles just as easily, but it's even more important to fill them only part way, otherwise you can end up with exploded bottles in your freezer.

As an added bonus, having these ice bottles in the freezer helps it to work more efficiently.

Having ice cold water readily accessible works for me!


I also like to add just a teaspoon or two of juice: lemon, lime, apple, grape, whatever. It's just enough to add that crisp refreshing edge to plain water.
Any tip that helps me drink more water is worth a try.
Great tip! I'm going to try putting the lemon juice in it also.
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