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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lentil Soup for Kristine

Plus a bonus lentil recipe I found. Over at A Good Appetite, there was a nice looking pork tenderloin with lentils and carrots meal that I thought I'd share.

Lentil and Sausage Soup

This is not so much a recipe as a method.

Dice up some onions, one or two, and a bunch of garlic and saute them in olive oil or butter in your soup pot. Scrape a couple carrots and dice those and toss in the pot as well. While they are cooking, dice up some smoked garlic sausage, or whatever other kind of sausage you like, and toss that in the pot as well. Stir it up so nothing burns. Add a pound of lentils that you've picked over. Season with some thyme and a bay leaf, salt and pepper. Add water or broth to cover generously, this is a soup, not a stew. Simmer until it is cooked and the flavors blend. Add leftover cooked wild rice or brown rice or white rice. I don't know how much, whatever you have left. If you don't have any left and still want rice in it, cook some first. Putting it in raw will suck up all the liquid. Taste to adjust seasoning, add more liquid if necessary and adjust seasoning once more. Heat a little so the rice is warm and tastes like the rest of the soup. Remove bay leaf. I don't think I normally put in diced tomatoes, but I think they might be nice in this.

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Ooo. That is an awesome looking recipe. Thank you soooo much!!
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