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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Frank's Red Hot Chile n Lime

I have been meaning to plug this for some time, as we tried it first several months ago. We like Frank's Red Hot sauce anyway, it isn't that hot, but it has a lot of flavor to it. So, when we saw the bottle with lime, we thought we would try it and find out if it was any good. It is quite good! So, now I prefer it to the regular Frank's. If you see this, give it a shot, you might enjoy it. Since it's a packaged food, you might even be able to buy it with a coupon to save a little on it. The lime in it adds something particularly nice, and it brightens up quesadillas, fake Mexican casseroles, beans, macaroni and cheese, etc very well. So, if anyone out there from Frank's finds this, I would absolutely appreciate coupons, free cases or sponsorship.

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