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Monday, June 16, 2008

Some Questions

If I am already driving 10 miles above the speed limit and there is a car directly in front of me, what exactly do you expect to accomplish by riding my tail?

If there are two lanes and I am in the right lane when this happens, and there is a wide open space in the left lane, why don't you just move over?

Are the fire departments going to start discouraging us from eating hot dinners soon? We're already not supposed to have Christmas trees, wrapping paper and fireworks, no longer should we roast marshmallows and hot dogs, have fires in our fireplaces when it's cold or have firepits in the summer, what else will be taken away?

What inspired the fire department comment? I know firepit regulations got more restrictive (my parents used to burn brush in the backyard with a permit, and I don't think that's okay anymore). But there aren't regulations against Christmas trees and wrapping paper, are there?
All the fire departments within at least a 50 mile radius of us have signs up and campaigns going around Christmas and Independence Day telling people not to have Christmas trees, to give consumable gifts (which we mostly do, but it's still annoying to have people tell you to do it), not to wrap things with wrapping paper, not to do your own fireworks, etc. Since we live on county land, we are still able to burn brush, though they are getting persnickety. Rich has to get a permit for anything on the airport, but so far the People's Republic of Washington has not outlawed summer barbecues or fire pits. Campgrounds have started telling people not to have fires while camping in some places. Places with fire rings, not just don't make a fire anywhere, which is common sense.
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