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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Jerome at Rest

Jerome talks and sings all the time, jumps probably half the time he's awake, runs everywhere he goes and is very active and athletic in general. He can throw a ball straight at whatever he wants to without any help from us. He loves playing sports and running. We have no idea where this comes from, as neither of us is particularly athletic. We try to play ball with him and other active games, so he gets a chance to exercise this aptitude. He's also quite good with his hands, articulate and musical. Kind of a renaissance boy, it will be interesting to see who exactly he becomes as he grows. When he is asleep, though, he is just as seriously asleep as he is about any other activity. Rich caught this picture just before Easter this year.

Some of you may remember that I made (designed, in fact) a knit blanket for him. That, however, is not his favorite blanket. I hasten to add that he does like it. This quilt, made by a young woman who used to go to our church (her father is a military chaplain and they had to move last summer), is his blankie. He prefers to sleep with it above all other coverings, he calls for it when he can't find it. We have not had any other children who were so attached to any one blanket. He's like Linus when he's tired, though, thumb in mouth and blankie dragging behind him.

Anyway, I love this picture. He's just sacked out, not even under his blankets, with the sun shining down on him. Completely at rest with not a care in the world. His arm is still around the blanket, and his thumb is just dropped out of his mouth. I've always loved these pictures of our children, asleep and content.

I evidently was as asleep and content as this last night, says my sweet husband. Probably because he had done me the favor of making me a milkshake with fresh picked local strawberries and organic vanilla ice cream. For dinner. He didn't take any pictures of me asleep, though. For which I am eternally grateful.



What happened to the little baby we left behind last summer??!!

I love that you are now able to post photos again, but it sure makes me miss even more being so far away and not seeing them grow.

You and your little daughter will certainly be in our prayers- for a safe delivery and health.

We love you all.


PS- I'll make sure Denise reads your blog when she gets home from work. She'll love knowing Jerome loves his blankie.
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