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Wednesday, April 02, 2008


I normally post a bit more about Lent, and quite a bit about Easter, but because of our computer woes, I haven't had the chance.

We had a beautiful Triduum and Easter and then we packed up the family and took a vacation. Rich and I had a chance to spend some time in Oregon's wine country at a bed and breakfast, and we just took a break from work and school and home.

On Good Friday, we trudged up the hill for the Stations of the Cross, which is always the most moving for me. We didn't get our normal beautiful sunrise on Easter, but the service was wonderful, and afterward, the children still got to go hunt for eggs.

So now that we have had the highest holy day of the year, we are working our way to the next, which is Pentecost. Christmas actually comes in third.

We are looking for an interim computer, so I don't have to be stuck with this one for too long. We figure we'll get an inexpensive one that is just updated enough to be useful for us, and the children can practice their typing and computer skills on it, even after we get the computer we want for me. The one we thought we would get ended up dying on the operating table, so the computer fellow told us he wouldn't be able to sell it. This is too bad, as I was hoping to pick it up in the next couple weeks, but we'll keep looking.

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