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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Menu Plan Tuesday: January 15

This is a little late, but I'm trying to get back to normal with blogging. The last time I posted one of these was the week I got some food poisoning at the boys' pack Christmas party. This week there is another pack meal, but it's take out pizza, so I'm hoping I won't end up as sick as I did last month.

SInce we had taken it pretty easy during Advent with schooling, we tightened it up and started again after Epiphany. The boys are doing really well, and seem to be excited to be doing schoolwork after their Christmas break. We are only about three weeks from Lent. It comes early this year. Our daily office readings are leading us up to it, and it is interesting seeing how the manifestation of the Lord gave glimpses of the suffering and scourging that was to come. I am so glad to be teaching them at home where we can explore these things together.

Anyway, now that I'm not so sick and not so tired, well I'm awake at dinner time, I'm trying to get back to making decent meals for us. Poor Rich kept having to come home from work and bang together something for dinner. I cooked when I wasn't too sick, but often there would be ingredients out, and he'd have to figure out what to do with them.

Last night's dinner was short on style and long on comfort. I don't go for those casseroles with cream of whatever soup in them, but every now and then a casserole is nice. So, I made one with a white sauce and parmesan cheese. It was warm and filling, and nice for a cold night.

What is on your menu this week?

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