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Friday, March 02, 2007

Crochet Class

Last night I took a crochet class at the shop. I have taught myself the basics, but I wanted to see how you are really supposed to do it and to progress beyond scrutinizing the charts and diagrams and patterns to get it done. It turns out that aside from crocheting really tighly (I suspected this, since I had to go up two or three hook sizes to get anything to work right), I have been crocheting all wrong.

Well, not all wrong, in that I am accomplishing the stitches, but I've been wrapping them wrong, kind of like twisting all your sts in knitting. Except, it's looser the way I do it, and the sts don't look crossed. So, I did it right last night, but unless someone is asking me a question about it, I am going to continue to wrap it all wrong. At least I am consistent.

I learned how to do some nice edgings which will come in handy for both knitting and crochet, picot, shell and crab st. I learned how to see the sts and which to count and how to make sure I don't end up with a leaning tower of Pisa when I switch to anything besides single crochet.

So, today, I covered a hideous hot pink hair elastic with the leftover yarn from the felted purse I made for Amira and crocheted a little scrunchie. I used the crab st to finish it off. It is quite lovely. It's even a little looser, I was only one hook size larger than I should have needed. Pictures later.


I took a mini- class and was crocheting very tightly, just like when I was first knitting. I also like the idea a being able to crochet edges.
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