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Monday, February 12, 2007

The Many Uses of Coffee Filters

You know that blogs are taking over your life when you dream about them.

On Saturday night, I had a funny dream involving Alison, of the Blue Blog, whom I have never met nor really talked to, except to post a comment or perhaps ask a question. She is pregnant in real life, but in my dream, she had the baby. We visited her family, she had a lovely large house, to help them pack and move. While we were there, Jerome had a huge blow out diaper, and when I tried to change him, I found that every diaper in the diaper bag was dirty as well, and that we had no extra clothes for him. So, I asked to borrow a diaper from them, and Alison told me that they cloth diapered the baby and her older boys weren't in diapers so she took me over to a supply type shelf and offered me a large coffee filter to put on him. We had to cut leg holes out. Evidently, it occurred to nobody that we might use a cloth diaper.

If that isn't funny enough, on the shelf above the coffee filters, there were size four diapers, and when I asked if I could use one of those, she said that they were far too big for him, and so she wouldn't let me have one. So, we had a naked baby in a coffee filter while I went to a store near their home to buy diapers and clothes.

I am going to send her the link to this post and hope she doesn't think I'm a crazed stalker.


I'm not sure I can ever look at a coffee filter the same again! LOL!
So Ranee, Have you tried to figure it out yet?? Are potty training one of the kids right now? Or could you be almost out of diapers when you went to bed that night? very interesting dream tho.
Very strange dream. Just so you know, we don't cloth diaper, and I'd let you borrow whatever size we had if you needed it! ;0)
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