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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Stockings & Surprises

Well, I completed a sewing endeavor with nobody there to help me! I sewed and cut Elijah's stocking from the felted sweater, and it even looks somewhat normal. I am going to embroider his name on it, and possibly add some snowflakes also. Yay!

I started Amira's stocking and am about a third of the way through it, because we had a long drive down to Marilyn's house in Olympia for St. Martha's today. Marthie drove, I knit, Denise listened to us rant. I was surprised there by a welcome baby Jerome shower! Which is funny, because I pumped enough milk for Rich to keep him, so I wouldn't have quite so many bags coming with me, so Marthie, Denise and Kelly wouldn't have to hear him scream all the way down (like he did the week before going to Rachelle's shower for Kyrie) and so I could have my hands free to knit.

We played one of the few baby shower games I like, one in which you write out the child's full name and use the letters to make three letter or longer words and eliminate them from your list like you do in Boggle. I won, mostly because it was between me and Marthie and she brought the prize. However I earned mad props for coming up with ukelele out of the letters in Jerome's name.

Rachelle came with Kyrie for a little while, so we got to coo over the newer baby, and there was a baby present at least for the baby shower. However the meal she went home with was not the meal I made for her last night that is still in our refrigerator. We had so much leftover brunch food, that we sent it home for her dinner. Dale, who made the quiche, remembered that Rich really liked quiche, and so he made an extra one for me to take home to him, which was really sweet.

Anyway, with church and Laudate tomorrow, I doubt there will be any blogging, so I'll try to post pictures of Elijah's stocking and my progress on Amira's Monday.

Your blog is wonderful! I have enjoyed reading it this morning!
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