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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Eating, Sleeping and Knitting

That is pretty much all I've been doing lately. I have gotten to the point in this pregnancy that I'm just too tired to do much of anything else. However, I'm making great progress on Christmas knitting. I have one present made already, and am almost halfway through another that I started on Saturday. I'm making Joe from Rowan 30 for Alexander out of some red Cotton Ease. However, since the size for his age would make a sweater that was big enough around to fit me tightly, I'm making a smaller size, knit in a slightly tighter gauge, and just lengthening the arms and body. Doing this has brought it down from 37 inches around to 32. I'm also just sewing up the left front raglan seam, rather than putting in the silly zipper. No pictures, as that would mean that I had to get out the camera, the cable to upload the pictures and actually sit here long enough to fiddle with the photos to post them.

Edit: I did find a photo online of Joe, it is the sweater on the left in the following picture.

Thank you to all for the compliments on the blanket and top and for your words about Amira. We are in awe of her, and only hope that she grows in goodness so as to be a truly beautiful woman, not just a pretty one. As for where I will post the blanket pattern, it will be on the free pattern site linked in my side bar, but I will post something here as well, with a link so people can find it. The only thing holding this up right now is measuring how much yarn I used, exactly, because I used a discontinued yarn, and not much of the third skein.

I'll also post how I changed the Not Square Play pattern from Knitters' so other people can make it the way I did, if they are interested. It wasn't too hard, really, and I made it figuring it would fit her this year or next. It should fit her at least through next summer and maybe even the following spring.

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