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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Zig Zag, Ribbed Hat and Tilting Blocks Blanket

Well, I have photographs to share.

First, Dominic's Zig Zag sweater. It is turning out just as nicely as I thought it would. However, with as long as I take to finish projects, I'm beginning to think I will no longer designate for whom a project is when it is for one of the kids. That way, it will just go to whomever will fit in it. I knit about four more inches on the sleeve to make sure it would fit Dominic for more than two days. The size I knit says it's for ages four to six, and the body will fit him probably until he's eight, he turns six in less than three weeks, but I don't know of any six year olds with arms that short.

Here is the ribbed hat. Nothing spectacular, oatmeal colored, 4 X 2 rib, but it's a Christmas present that is finished in May. I think that is a first for me.

I love this baby blanket. I love how the Cotton Ease knits up, and I hate that Lion Brand discontinued it. It has great yardage, I'm about 40% through the knitting and still have about a third of the first ball to finish before I start in on a second. It is the same weight and composition as Rowan's All Seasons Cotton, but a bit more loosely spun, so it can split a little, but it feels softer and can be machine washed and dried, so great for childrens' things. I have two more balls in this color, six in red, three in a pistachio green, three in a light purple, three in black and one in white. I did have some navy, but traded away for the purple. If anyone has the paler yellow, banana cream was the color name, in this yarn and wants to trade/sell, leave a comment with a way to contact you.

Anyway, I had a design idea, and have changed it a little on the needles. I am farther along than the photo is, because the picture was taken Monday, and I knit a bit on it yesterday. I'll get newer pictures up soon. It's simple, easy to memorize and is going much more quickly than I initially thought it would.

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