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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas, Here We Come!

I just finished decorating the tree, Rich put up the greenery on the mantel and on just about every flat surface in our living room. We have glass balls and holly with candles in the dining room and on the living room table. There are lights strung up in the holly and cedar on the mantel, and in the cedar garland around the door. We ate our Christmas Eve dinner of rib roast, brussels sprouts, beets, egg bread, salad and triple chocolate cheesecake for dessert. Rich and I have finished wrapping the presents, he is vacuuming up the debris from the tree, the holly, cedar, pine and wrapping paper bits. Church begins a half and hour later tomorrow, and we are ready to celebrate the Incarnation of the Lord. Not a winter holiday, not some festival of light, but the Word of God becoming flesh and dwelling among us. Glory to God in the Highest!

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ummm.... not that I in any way begrudge you your faith, or your happiness and joyfulness and excitement about the meaning of your holy day, because you know I would never do that, I hope... but, I have to say, it seems that your statement is a bit dismissive of Chanukah, which does happen to fall on Christmas this year. "Not some festival of light?" Well, no, Christmas is not a festival of light, it's something else entirely and I don't think anyone ever claimed it WAS a festival of light.... but, still, - "some festival of light" makes it sounds like bupkes (yiddish for nothing) and I'm sure you wouldn't have meant to imply that, would you???

Sorry to offend! I was a bit tired of hearing for the nth time that Christmas was simply a stolen festival of light. I was trying to differentiate between the pagan solstice celebrations which are about the return of sunlight, and Christmas which is the Nativity and Incarnation. I actually wasn't thinking about Chanuka at all, I guess because even though the light is what is represented, I think of it as the rededication of the Temple.
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