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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

School Days, School Days, Good Old Golden Rules Days

Fortunately, our kids are in school where they can discuss the Golden Rule. As an aside, I found this funny: There was a call in show about morality, the fellow asked how people who weren't religious defined their source of morality and the code of morality by which they lived. One man called in and said that he didn't believe in any God or the Bible and just "did unto others as he would have done unto him." He said this without laughing and did not seem to find any irony in his statement.

Anyway, now that these last few weeks of getting kids ready for school-canning at all hours of the night-preparing for the new year's study for Laudate-cleaning the house-figuring out the budget-working at the yarn shop-interacting with friends here and far away-trying to get a few last trips and hurrahs in before summer's end-not knitting as much as I'd like are over, I am better able to knit and post and keep up. This first week of school, Dominic has half days, so I'm still not as able to get things done as I'd like, but next week both will be there all day. Having some more one on one time with both Elijah and Amira has been a nice thing even just yesterday and today.

So, here is the long awaited photo of the dyed camel. Evidently, everything I had ever learned about camel down and it not taking dye well was a lie. It sucked up my double concentration dye from the solution before I had even gotten all the fiber in the pot, and I didn't have any more black cherry kool aid to use. So, it is a bit variegated, which I didn't want, but the darker parts are the color I was going for. I haven't been able to find black cherry kool aid at our grocery store anymore, so am in search of it now. I plan to redye the yarn, and at least if it is variegated, it will be more subtle and darker.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Also, here is a somewhat blurry shot of the Los Lobe Hose.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And an even blurrier shot of the beaded earrings I needle tatted.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This past weekend was quite a whirlwind. Rich and I took Friday off, got babysitters and flew to Richland to pick peaches and visit with the kids' godparents, who took us out to lunch at a great Mexican restaurant and showed us the addition to their home. We brought back 63 pounds of peaches, which we then made into peach chutney, peach pies (four), peach and raspberry clafouti, peach oatmeal, peach jelly, peach butter, and ate fresh. We still have peaches which are being sent with the kids to school in their lunches and we gave away about 15 pounds to friends. Saturday, I worked at the shop while Rich prepared peaches for canning, and played with the kids in our little pool. Sunday, after church, we visited with some friends who have a daughter who is a year younger than Amira, and then had our priest's family over for dinner at our house, they spent the night and we played games, watched movies, took walks around the perimeter road on the airport, and had a great time. It hurt the next day, though, when we all woke up exhausted. However, I was able to get a nap in on Monday afternoon while Rich went flying with a friend of ours.

One of our priests is a chaplain in the Army and he is being deployed sometime this coming winter, so I have been knitting him a balaclava in a sand color (the oatmeal shade of Knit Picks Elegance). He requested some short row shaping around his nose, so as not to smash it in. His wife will be here with their three children while he is away for at least a year. Fortunately, their kids are older, quite responsible and helpful around their home, they are a credit to their family and will aid their mother much I am sure.

I'm almost finished with Amira's bolero, almost finished with the first sock of the Aran Braid pair, stalled on both Elijah and Dominic's sweaters, but now with school pick ups, I'm getting a little more knitting time. I want to be finished with the balaclava as soon as possible, so I can have it ready whenever Fr. Jonathan is called away.

Tomorrow is the first night of our new Laudate series. We will be discussing the virtues and developing character, using the fruits of the Spirit as our framework, one per month, and ending with chastity as a corollary to all of them. We start on Love tomorrow, and what it means, and will continue with the implications and practical application to other character qualities and virtuous behavior and thought through this month. However, I may be missing our first night, as I might be needed to lead a knitting 911 class at the shop while the regular teacher is gone. I will find out if another teacher can do it or not today.

I don't understand why it should be that funny for a person professing no religion to believe in the Golden Rule.

While the golden rule shows up in many religions (some predating Jesus) I don't think that means it's a fundamentally a religious thing.
He actually said Bible, not religion, I corrected the post to reflect that. What made it funny to me wasn't that it is a strictly religious sensibility, but that the phrasing he used is specifically from the Bible, which he doesn't believe in or recognize to have moral authority. And yes, I do know that it is a common belief in multiple religions, which is why I didn't specify Christianity here. A Jew or a Bhuddist wouldn't have needed to respond to the question, since it was aimed at non-religious people.

It was like something I saw on television probably 10 years ago, regarding the 10 commandments. A person responded that although he thought they were a good set of guidelines to live by (I'm assuming he meant the last 6 commandments, since the first 4 deal with Man's relationship to God rather than Man's relationship to Man), but that they weren't written in stone. We laughed quite a bit over that, since, according to the account in scripture, they were indeed written in stone (twice), and that is the whole basis for the phrase "written in stone."
Ranee, Your dying is really nice. Looking forward to see what you knit with it.
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