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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Little Boy Green

At the sale and open house yesterday, one of the teachers lamented that she hadn't brought a project to work on with her. I immediately asked if she would be interested in weaving in ends on Little Boy Green, and she accepted! She finished all of one sleeve and all but five ends on the second. I may have this thing sewn up this year!

Last night I finished the balaclava for Fr. Jonathan. I haven't woven in the ends, because I am going to see if it fits him correctly after church today. If not, I can undo whatever needs correction, and if so, then the ends will be woven in and all will be well.

I bought a whole lot of yarn at the sale, six skeins of Calmer in Chiffon, six skeins of Tahki New Tweed in a periwinkle color, a skein of Noro Silk Garden in greens, purples and charcoal and three skeins of the discontinued Mission Falls 1824 Cotton in a sage green shade.

Aside from Edgar in the new Knitty (which I am considering), what can I make with one skein of Silk Garden? I'm trying to decide if I will knit gifts for the boys' teachers for Christmas this year, and have decided on two projects, but not the third.

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