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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Fair Day!

After school today, we are taking the kids to the fair. They will get to go on rides and we will look at the exhibits - knitting, spinning, crochet, embroidery, sewing, quilting, canning, painting, photography - and the animals. I'm coming with all sorts of questions for the poultry, waterfowl, rabbitry and dairy folks and I know Rich will have questions for the beekeepers.

I've made a little progress on Little Boy Green, I have half of one side seam, the other side seam and the sleeve seams to go before I can do the neck. I'm not really thrilled with the side seams, but that is because of the way the st count was done. The pattern is a st st cable with a single purl st between the cable repeats, but at the sides you end up with two purl sts side by side. I'm sure I'll be the only person to notice it, but it annoys me. Since I don't want to cut into the size any more, I won't sew the seams closer to make it one st, but I'm hoping it will be lost in the sides, and not show too much.

My boss at the shop has given me a sample scarf to work up, drop st and garter, knit with angora, ribbon and a kind of sparkly, crunchy novelty yarn. It looks quite nice actually, though not my style, and the kit is supposed to have enough for a matching cap.

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