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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

KnitPicks Plus More Birthday Ideas

KnitPicks has finally gotten some solid colored sock yarn, so I may be in danger. They also have a couple color cards available, but I am waiting for them to get all of their yarn on color cards.

Since I am supposed to be working on Elijah's sweater and starting fish slippers for the boys, I have cast on for an entrelac top for Amira out of a sherbet variegated superwash merino I bought at Madrona, the coordinating black bolero for her dress and a One Skein Wonder for me. Except, I have changed the gauge (4 spi for a little garment is weird to me), using Anny Blatt Merinos at 5.5 spi, changed the shaping (it was lopsided on the sleeves, or rather it wasn't symmetrical), and changed the edging. It is now a two skein wonder, and I have all sorts of ideas for other things to do with this pattern to change it completely. I'm still working on Dominic's sweater, too.

The top for Amira is a lot of fun and goes pretty quickly, and since I cannot just follow patterns as they are, I've changed this one too, as it was sized for an adult and I just cut the size of the squares in half to make it her size, I'm also adding sleeves. This is from the Summer 2004 Knitters' Magazine pattern Square Play. It's my first attempt at entrelac, and I like it. The bolero is also modified from a magazine, this time Interweave Knits Summer 2005, the Fiery Bolero. I've changed the gauge and kept the directions for the smallest size, cutting the length where needed, so it will fit her.

It is too warm for me to be knitting on a shawl, I need something small and quick in my hands, thus the projects currently on needles. I will be putting the Pi Shawl into my UFO pile for a while. Maybe it will be a Christmas present. Since Nancy doesn't know I am making it, I have no deadline. And if we go along with the same trajectory as we have been with our children's spacing, I should be pregnant sometime next month and I will be seeing Nancy on a regular basis this fall, so I'll have plenty of time to work on it. No, that isn't an announcement.

So, one more birthday idea. I've been in love with this brooch since I first saw Fellowship of the Ring. The price has been going up steadily since the first film came out, and I really want one anyway. If you buy it for me, I will be your best friend for at least a month. Four days until B day.

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