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Saturday, July 09, 2005

First Day of Work at the Yarn Shop & More Birthday Ideas

I hadn't mentioned this in any previous posts, because I hadn't yet signed all the paperwork, but I am now working Saturdays at our local yarn shop! I get a decent pay check, though I did volunteer to do it for a monthly yarn allowance (it would have saved them all that pesky paperwork and those employee taxes), and a 30% discount! I told Rich this was like letting a drug addict work as a pharmacist, but hey, this is legal!

My first day was pretty busy, and went really well. I worked with one other woman, and learned the new computer system. There was some sort of fair on the waterfront, and a wine tasting at the nearby wine shop, so we had lots of walk in business. I had a lot of fun, and got to look at and play with all sorts of yarn. I will be winding my lace weight at our winding station.

Also, the kids' god father and son were visiting this weekend, and they stopped in to see me at the shop. Then, they bought yarn for me! Rowan All Seasons Cotton, three skeins in a periwinkle, Ravish [corrected to show the right color name], and six skeins in a honey/butter, Tapestry. Arthur said something about how this should count for my Christmas present or something, and I mentioned that since my birthday was this month, it would do for a birthday present.

So, more birthday ideas:

Dalegarn pattern books, especially for babies and children, but any of them will do.

Dale Tiur Yarn

Koigu Yarn

More Rowan All Seasons Cotton

Any Debbie Bliss Yarns, Especially Cashmerino, Baby Cashmerino, Cashmerino Aran, Cotton Angora and Alpaca Silk

2 skeins of Silk-Angora Lace Weight

Poetry in Stitches

Rowan Magazine Subscription

Gift Certificates to Elann or Knit Picks


Braun K750 Food Processor

And here, again, is my Amazon Wishlist.

15 days until B-Day! I promise I will get the second half of my Black Sheep Report up this week.

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