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Friday, March 04, 2005

MIA: Spring Interweave Knits

I did call them the other day. The lady said that because of Christmas, orders that came in December weren't processed for a little while afterward and that the gift from my friend didn't get processed until January 22. She said it took four weeks for the magazine to get to me. That would be February 19th, still four days after they appeared on the stands, but understandable. It is now March 4. If it is not here tomorrow, that will be six weeks. Assuming it might take up to six weeks, I hope it is here tomorrow. Considering the fact that they ran out of the Fall issue, and many subscribers didn't even get that, I am concerned that I won't get this issue. The confirmation to my friend said that they would mail the first issue out on January 12. Hmm.

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