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Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Last night at our home group, after we finished with the study and had a bit of sustenance, we pulled out yarn and needles and got to it. I had two women, two girls and one of the priests learning how to cast on and knit (one even got to purling). They were quick studies and seemed to be enjoying themselves. We may have ourselves a knitting congregation soon!

Three of the people last night already knew how to crochet, so it was a matter of learning something a little different with yarn. Fr. Jonathan learned how to knit as a little boy, but hadn't done anything with it since then, so he took off right away and was knitting continental, even though I knit English, and was doing just fine. He said it was just easier for him to tension the yarn that way. Marthie had also learned to knit and purl several years ago, and she just had to relearn it. I am so excited that it went so well.

Marthie is coming with me to the yarn market and talk in February, so I'll be her pusher then. Marthie, Kelly and Denise are all coming on the ladies' road trip down to southern California for the Church Ladies' Retreat, along with another woman or two from our congregation, so I'm sure there will be late nights of knitting and chatting while we're there. The only things not included in our registration fee are horseback riding and the masseuse. Rich figured that with only three days there I wouldn't care about the riding, but wants to find out how much the massages are, so I can get one. What a guy! He made sure I could go, is taking time off of work so he can be home with the kids and is looking out for me to get a massage and relaxation time while I'm there. I'm a fortunate woman.

Anyway, not much to report on my own knitting. I had to tink back two and a half rows on my Cross Your Heart, because I missed two double increases and there just wasn't enough yarn to drop down to those sts and put the increases in. I'm back on track, though, and this close to finishing the front. The bonnet is blocking and I'll be sewing it up this weekend, and putting on the ribbing for the neck. I need to find a nice color ribbon for it, as the yarn is a natural color, and the ribbon I have is either deep green or blue, lavender or white. Nada on Little Boy Green. I fell asleep before I got to it the other night.

Here I am tonight, looking at who's visited the Mere Comments site this evening (what sites directed them to us, etc.), and I come across your website. What a blast!

I'm doing most of the blogging at Mere Comments these days, my job at Touchstone having been restructured after my first five years with the magazine.

Your site: great links, great posts, great pictures. I'll bet Father Joe Ramos, a fellow ORU alum, is right proud to have a family with your intelligence and engagement in his congregation.

Father Kenneth Tanner
Church of the Ascension (CEC)
Lombard, Illinois
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