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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Back to My Regularly Scheduled Knitting

I finally finished the cap again last night. I am blocking it. I will likely sew it up tomorrow or Saturday, pick up the neck for the ribbing and eyelets and finish it off by Sunday. I never mentioned Rich's comment about the bonnet the first time he saw it all laid out. He said it looked like a thong. Just add some ties on the sides, and there you have it, lingerie!

I was able to knit on the sleeve of my Cross Your Heart again today. I will probably work on the second Little Boy Green sleeve tonight after we put the kids to bed since Rich picked up the Chicken Run DVD and we fell asleep before we watched it last night.

Anyhoo...There has been a discussion on the knitlist about project lists we knitters come up with and I am ashamed to say that my wish list for projects to do far exceeds my lifetime. Ah, well. I have actually started paring it down, I look at things that I thought were fabulous before, and now that I am a better knitter, I can see which details I like and think of how to incorporate them into another project. Or, I see that although I like the eight bazillion shawl patterns there are in the world, there are a few types I really love, and there are only so many variations on those that I feel compelled to knit.

However, even though I have a subscription to Interweave Knits and pick up Vogue Knitting and Family Circle Easy Knitting every now and then, I really already have a library of knitting magazines, books and patterns that should keep me busy until the Second Coming. Not to mention all the free patterns I find online. Not that this will change my knitting purchasing habits in the least.

I am looking for a webring of Christian knitblogs. I don't know if such an animal exists. If you have any leads, search terms or ideas, please let me know.

Here's the homepage for the Christian Knitters Webring

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