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Friday, February 05, 2021

Flashback Friday: Marine Layer

This set of quick to knit mits, scarf and cowl is my idea of a great project for a short month that might turn frigid at any point. Last year, we had a little snow on and off through winter, but were dumped on the first weekend in March. The year before that, we had no snow until the second week of February, and then we had a blizzard. So, this set of cute accessories would have come in handy then. I like it because it allowed me to use some singleton skeins of yarn I picked up for fun, and is so soft and comfortable.

Because of the way these different sales platforms work, the patterns are available in different ways on each. On PayHip, you can buy the the mitts, the scarf and cowl, or the whole set. On Ravelry, you can find the mitts and the whole set. On LoveCrafts, you can find the mitts and the scarf and cowl. If you use the coupon code FebruaryChill, you can receive 25% off of either the mitts or the scarf and cowl pattern, or 15% off of the set. This coupon is valid through the end of the day February 11, 2021 on both PayHip and Ravelry. Unfortunately, LoveCrafts does not permit me to create promotions, but I am always willing to invoice you directly or to refund you a portion of your payment on LoveCrafts, if you provide me with a receipt.

If you would like to receive updates and early notice of new patterns, beta knitting opportunities, and great discounts on patterns like this one (plus pictures of new yarns, new tools, fun places, neat hints, book ideas, recipes and more) each month, please subscribe to 1,001 Knits. My best, and sometimes my only, discounts go to my subscribers.

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