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Monday, December 28, 2020

Menu Plan: 3rd - 9th Days of Christmas

Christ is Born! Glorify Him!

We have been enjoying a lovely and easy going Christmas holiday. Our goal is to enjoy it to the full and celebrate the completeness of it. This year, the kids really made a big effort to put up the lights outside and decorate more and Rich made us a beautiful wreath, and Alexander fixed my bell wreath so we could use it again. We are making cookies and treats each of the 12 days of Christmas, and watching Christmas movies and resting. Our Christmas breakfast included hollandaise sauce made with two and a half cups of butter. For probably the first time ever, we had leftovers, so I warmed it up over hot water and served it over our roasted Brussels sprouts with dinner. We were able to deliver some dinners and desserts to two families for Christmas, which was fun, especially as we had a light dusting of snow that night.

The one good thing about all this Covid nonsense is that we were able to participate in more than one Christmas Eve service, the first Christmas service of the day at midnight, and watch other services this weekend. Since the mail is so weird, some presents are here and some are not, and there is no rhyme or reason as to why as far as I can tell. I refused to mail any of ours unti the temporary postal rate increase was over, so I will be mailing presents this week.

Our anniversary is this week, and with all that is going on around us, we will be celebrating entirely at home. The hope is that we will get to travel somewhere to celebrate it in the near future. Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year to all of you!

What is on your menu this week? If you want a recipe, ask and I will provide it as soon as I can. If there are any starred recipes, I will follow up separately with a weekly recipe round up on Saturday. Linking to Menu Plan Monday

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what a deeply wonderful way to do the 12 days of Christmas!!! Christ is Born!!! Glorify Him!!! Merry Christmas!
It's almost time to prepare for the Nativity again! I am gfinally getting to the comments on my blog that blogger never let me know I had. Thank you for the comment.
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