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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Craft On: Dove of Peace

Dove of Peace

This ended up looking more like a seagull than a dove, but it was well received by my friend. I am not really that good at all the fiddly stuffing and sewing and embroidering that is necessary for toys, so at this point, I am just glad that this resembles a bird. My Rayan doll doesn't do anything but sit by my bed, but having a keepsake of our lost one is a comfort to me. It was the same for her, I think. She seemed to appreciate that someone else wanted to mark the reality of her little one.

I have done basically no significant reading lately, except for continuing with Little Women with the kids. I forgot how much I love the Marches and find the story to be touching. It has been good to share that with our children.

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