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Friday, November 06, 2020

Flashback Friday: Saint George

Saint George came out six years ago and it is still one of my most popular ones. It is great for those who do not speak English as a first language, too, as it is primarily charted. Alexander still wears it and says that people ask him where he got it all the time. He even started carrying around my business cards to tell people that I not only made it, but designed it and sell the pattern. This is such a quick and easy to memorize pattern, and it uses a DK yarn, so it does not take long to see progress in it. If you are interested in making one, you can find it for sale at PayHip, Ravelry, and LoveCrafts. As always, if you wish to purchase it directly, please contact me and I will be happy to send you an invoice.

I have some exciting news to share: Eat Sleep Knit chose me as a fellow for their Pattern Academy, and I am part of their new class for the November through April term. I am so pleased to have been chosen, and honored to be included in this class of fellows.

If you would like to receive updates and early notice of new patterns, beta knitting opportunities, and great discounts on patterns like this one (plus pictures of new yarns, new tools, fun places, neat hints, book ideas, recipes and more) each month, please subscribe to 1,001 Knits. My best, and sometimes my only, discounts go to my subscribers.

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