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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Craft On: Qibli is Back in the Game


The slipper is still not finished, but is looking more the way I wanted it to, so I count that as a success. Now that the pick up rate is correct and the chart is more centered, I am hoping to have the pattern at my editor's in a week or so, and ready for you to beta knit them, if you want a chance to try these before they are available for sale.

Also, in case you missed it, Mozarab is now avilable on Knit Picks! I am so proud that they chose this design for their Serendipity: Luxury Knits collection, and pleased to be included with so many other wonderful designers.

My reading is still all over the place and I have been really distracted with work and pain (I managed to hurt my foot without knowing at all how, but it has been hurting for almost two weeks now). I picked up West From Home, which has been a fun read, and the children and I finished reading Mrs. Piggle Wiggle's Magic.

Linking to Keep Calm and Craft On and Unraveled Wednesday.

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That slipper looks fascinating! Do you pick up stitches from the sole?
I am so sorry it has taken me this long to reply! Blogger wasn't giving me notifications of any comments, so for all this time I thought nobody was commenting.

As for the slipper, you knit the toe first, then the sole, then do a short row heel, then pick up the stitches around the sole.
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