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Friday, August 14, 2020

Flashback Friday: Adam and Eve

This is not the best photo of this hat, but it allows me to share this adorable picture of my almost 10 year old when she was a baby. This pattern set came about because Rich and I were on a work trip of his with Mariam when she was just two months old and, of course, I visited various yarn shops there. Well, in one chi-chi boutique shop downtown (not a yarn shop), there was this adorable, obviously hand knit, cotton baby hat of an apple. It was $15. I wasn't going to spend $15 on a hat that I could make myself, quite simply. So, I drove back to one of the yarn shops and bought $30 worth of yarn. In my defense, I also made the mitts that went with the hat, another hat for a friend, a set of mitts for our niece's baby, and a neck warmer with the yarn. The picture below shows the very clever mitts. The pattern is written so you can button the leaf into a coat sleeve, too. This pattern, though not one of my sale patterns, is eligible to knit for prizes in our Around the World Stitch Along on Ravelry or Instagram. The pattern for the set is available on PayHip, Ravelry, and LoveCrafts.

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